motherhood is a form of opression?

i recently read an article written by a contemporary french philosopher.  elizabeth badinter suggests that women have gone from one oppressor to the next.  no longer are we oppressed by men, it's now babies.  i have to admit when i first read the article i was completely disgusted by her tone.  it's just flat out obnoxious. 

when i read it again, i thought, elizabeth is an example of a woman who shouldn't be choosing motherhood. if she is so caught up in her needs and pleasures and wants to promote that, why not leave out motherhood altogether. being a mother is about sacrifice. no matter what your philosophy is on parenting, you must sacrifice something.

and beyond all of that, i love germany's approach to parenting. why not devote to your baby. . .they are only young for so long, and then your child grows into an independent being. nourish that life with consciousness, as the planet really doesn't need any more people asleep at the wheel.

and yeah, i cloth diaper, breastfeed on demand, bed share, practice infant elimination communication and all of those other "crunchy" things.  i do it out of a consciousness that i am participating in a world that will be healthy and sustainable for my ascendants. 


  1. Go you! I'm not sure how LA moms view "crunchy" parenting, but as a cloth diapering, breastfeeding on demand, bed sharing, mostly vegetarian/vegan, babywearing, organic eating momma who somewhat recently moved from NJ to ME, I can vouch for Maine mommas being a lot more open to our "crunchy" ways! I, too, do it it out of consciousness, and out of my firm belief that I am giving my daughter the best start I can in life--physically, emotionally, psychologically. Great to find your blog!

    1. thanks for reading Kitty! i am just dusting off my blog and finally reading responses from years ago. . .it's time to activate!