massage oil for pregnancy

my fabulous acupuncturist Yamin Chehin offered a wonderful massage formula to me in order to help prevent stretch marks.  i order the oils in bulk from a trusted source like mountain rose herbs and mix my own concoction at home.  i have been using this oil blend since i was 16 weeks pregnant.  i am now 31 weeks pregnant, and so far my skin is soft and supple, and in excellent shape! 

here is the recipe:
200 ml hazelnut oil
20   ml rosehip oil
4    ml mandarin oil

i also have added a few of my favorite oils to this blend.  i love kukui nut oil and tamanu oil.  they are both known to be healing and beneficial oils, as they are deeply penetrating, have essential fatty acids, and can heal damaged skin.  i also add lavender essential oil, as it is calming and balancing.

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