a brighter day for midwives in los angeles

below you will find a letter written by Deborah Frank, a well known and respected los angeles midwife.  her letter outlines how cedars sinai has recently granted her full permission to attend births at their hospital.  a year ago, this could only happen with a physician in attendance.  this is good news indeed!!!


Dear Friends,

Almost two years ago I was granted hospital privileges as a midwife at Cedars Sinai Medical Center;  this was a milestone as I first applied 27 years ago.  A month later I received a subsequent communication from the hospital saying that when I was in the hospital I was required to have a physician present while I was delivering care.  This was not consistent with the state laws and the guidelines of the professional organization of physicians (ACOG) or midwives (ACM).  This meant that my clients needed to pay a physician as well as a midwife to have their baby with me.  This presented a barrier for women wishing to have their birth at Cedars with a midwife.  I received the good news on Friday that this will no longer by required.  My hope is that this may serve as a tipping point for other hospital in LA to open their doors to midwives and that even more options for women to access midwifery care in LA will become available.  Thank you to so many of you who have encouraged and supported this effort over many years.   At last....

Best wishes to you,
Deb Frank

Deborah Frank, CNM
421 North Rodeo Drive
Penthouse 1
Beverly Hills, CA  90210


  1. Debbie took care of me during my first pregnancy (just now pregnant with the second). She is wonderful. And I am happy to read that Cedars has finally come around.

    1. she is an excellent midwife! the first homebirth i attended she was present and i truly appreciated her presence.