a birthing sabbatical

hello there friends and readers!  i know i haven't been the best about keeping my blog up to date.  my life has been totally full of baby. . .my own baby making that is.  in fact, i am officially on a doula sabbatical.  i am taking this time to generate my wee one in my womb, as i am now 27 weeks along!  it's such an exciting time. . .and yet in some ways a little sad.  i know i am going to truly miss serving women and their families along in their birthing and postpartum journeys.

however the beauty in all of this is that i get to experience it for myself!  and what is even more beautiful is that now i am surrounded by my own amazing birthing team, and i get to feel the love and support of being held.

despite the fact that i am signing off of the doula scene for an unknown amount of time (family comes first) i will continue to keep my feet wet.  i will still be encapsulating placentas and teaching private childbirth sessions.  if you know anyone in need of these services please do think of me!

i hope to continue to share parts of my prenatal journey with my readers.  thank you for staying tuned!

with love,

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