swimmingly delicious

i am now over 21 weeks pregnant and truly enjoying this experience!  the second trimester has been gentle in comparison to the first.  i keep marveling at the difference of being on this side of pregnancy, since i've been working with pregnant women for a few years, and usually find myself on the supportive side of the prenatal journey.  this time of life truly is special, and part of me is already sad that half of it has passed!

so, to honor these moments, my goal is to make the most of each day.  what i take into my body, whether it is food, drink, emotions, people, places, experiences, etc. is of utmost importance.  and as i am growing and shifting, at times my mind wanders to my past.  growing up i used to swim competitively.  i loved the freedom of moving from lap to lap, the quality of the water, the color, the bubbles and the motion of repetition.  swimming was my first dance with meditation.  one of my goals for the past few years has been to swim, and so with this pregnancy i finally said, i am doing this!

i go three times a week to a local pool, and luckily i've found one that uses mostly saline and not much chlorine at all.  once more i am greeted with the sensation of the water moving against my body.  i love watching the bubble and the colors shift underwater.  i am using my breath as a moving meditation.  and for the first time, i feel truly connected to my baby in a unique way.  it is quite surreal to think of my baby swimming in a sac of water in my uterus, as i too swim in a body of water.  i feel like we are dancing together, breathing together and bonding in a new way.

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