dancing with dream time

for most women pregnancy offers a time of vivid dreams.  ever since my first trimester, i've been having detailed and wild dreams.  wild in the sense that i wake up and think to myself, wow, that was an adventure.  some people believe the soul of your soon to be child communicates through the dream realm.  some people often see the dream realm as a sacred time to listen to the spirit world, or the subconscious.  to me, dreams are quite powerful.  they invoke a sense of creativity into my mundane world.  the brightness and richness with which i dream pregnant has inspired me to take careful note. 

i sleep with a little journal and pen next to my bed.  the mornings i wake up remembering my dream, i immediately write down the story and as many details as possible.  i simply write. . .to enjoy the story of this narrative.  i don't mull over my dreams attempting to decipher the meaning, although i do often look over the words with curiosity. 

i now have a journal filling up with numerous stories, and it's fun to go back over the course of my pregnancy and reread what i was dreaming.  i have had some birth and baby dreams, and those are especially important to me.  i do believe the souls that choose us to communicate through many realms, and the dream realm seems like a natural medium.  as i recall my dreams in writing i feel as if i am honoring this sacred time with a sense of pause and reflection before i begin my day.

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