a friday at the farm

friday was our first real day to relax at the farm.  mind you, the friday i speak of was march 5.  obi and i took lots and lots of walks to pass our time.  if you know anything about a six month old teething baby, you know how much they really love to be with their mama.  so to keep obi distracted from thoughts of his mother while he was busy cutting four new teeth, we got to know the lay of the farm's land.  we strolled down to the farm store, and on our way stopped by to say hi to some lovely horses. 

i traveled to the farm with two women, aka mom-friendly productions, who set out with the intention to create a documentary on midwife ina may gaskin.  throughout our journey together i learned quite a bit about the process of creating a documentary film, the history of the farm, the history of midwifery, and fun details about ina may.  what i think impacted me the most in my learning was observing firsthand what it is like for new moms to dive back into their work.  sara is a mother of a two year old, and 6 month old.  this is her first film since birthing both of her children.  mary is also a mother to a two year old, and this too is her first film since having her son.  the emotions felt so thickly layered as i grasped how excited these women were to be creative and how passionate they felt about their work.  and yet, you could feel a tear in this seam of passion, as this is work means time apart from their families.  


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