final farm musings and a passage in portland

i am back on the traveling road. my gypsy soul tends to keep my life in a traveling stir, no matter how hard i work to stay grounded in one space. i have a strong intention to keep my blog consistent, and yet, consistency is hard on the road.

so from portland, oregon i sit to share with you my final thoughts on my farm journey back in march. somehow it is already early april. how does our time space continuum always feel as if it is speeding up? is this just a sign of aging?

i won't be back in los angeles until mid april, so this very well might be my last blog post until then.

when i think about the farm, my thoughts fly straight to the word gift. it was such an incredible gift to be at the farm in tennessee. i knew before i went that my time there would forever shape my life, and it truly has. i feel so proud and passionate for my love of birth, and how essential and beautiful it is for all of us, parents and parentless alike to be educated in the realm of birth.   every single one of us humans has been born.  it is a fact of life. so why, are we so uneducated on birth, until we find ourselves with a baby on the way? 

at this point i am wordless on how to sum up all of my farm experiences into a short story.  i feel my pictures speak in a language more coherent and fluid than letters will ever form. 

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