the sanctuary

are you a los angeles mother to be considering a hospital birth, but wishing you had a birth center close by to attend?  in the next 90 days, there is a large possibility that the sanctuary will be opening a birth center with 1-2 birthing rooms initially in culver city. 

according to a colleague of mine, there is an investor for this project who would like to see what the level of interest is for a birthing center in los angeles.  here is where you come in!  if you know of pregnant women or women who have babies and are thinking of becoming pregnant again who are interested in birthing in this way, please direct them to www.birthsanctuary.com

once they enter the site, they can click on "Birthing Center Waiting List" in red on the right hand side. they can read about this exciting news and if they are interested in the possibility of using a birth center, please ask them to fill out the listed letter.  rhis will show the investor that there is much interest!

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