gluten and infertility

dr mercola recently posted this blog on the connection between infertility and celiac disease.  if you don't know about celiac disease, please do some research.  basically it is an intolerance to gluten.  because gluten has become such a part of the western industrialized diet, it seems more and more people are becoming intolerant.  hence, the uprising of wheat allergies.  

well, it turns out that gluten intolerance can even even affect women with miscarriage and preterm births.  and men are also affected with abnormal sperm and lower testosterone levels.  diet has such a deep impact on our health.  it seems the deeper we travel through this rabbit hole, the more things we find we cannot eat.  sugar, is by far the worst culprit of them all.  so if you are trying to get pregnant, and not having much sucess, why not look into your diet before you look into fertilty treatments.  

also, if you are overwhelmed on how to eat gluten free, this blog has some ideas to get you going.

best of luck!

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