red raspberry. . .a gift for women

red raspberry is by far the safest of all prenatal herbs. . .red raspberry tones the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region, and also contains many vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, D, E, F, G, A and B complex, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and potassium.

there are many benefits to drinking red raspberry leaf tea.  red raspberry increases fertility in both men and women, prevents miscarriage and hemorrhage, eases morning sickness, reduces pain during labor and after birth, helps to bring down an undelivered placenta, assists in production of plentiful breast milk and colostrum, decreases the menstrual flow, relieves painful menstruation.

i recommend drinking this delightful tea throughout pregnancy.  i also recommend drinking nettle tea.  many women find that it's best to alternate nettle with red raspberry from one week to the next.  these two herbs will see you through pregnancy and beyond.  enjoy the healing of the plant kingdom!

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