the cervix IS a sphincter!


ina may gaskin, beloved birth pioneer speaks about birth and touches on what a woman needs to feel safe and secure in her birthing environment in this video. 

we humans, like all mammals, will only give birth in a space that is safe.  since the cervix is a sphincter, the cervix cannot be ordered or commanded to perform.  in fact, some people just due to their presence, can disrupt a woman's ability to give birth, because she does not intuitively feel safe around that person.

when a woman gives birth, all of her senses are acute.  this gives her the information she needs to determine if her environment is safe for birth.

ladies, choose wisely when it comes to your birth attendants!  follow your gut from the very beginning.  your body knows best!  and check out ina may's amazing books if you haven't yet!

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