healthy fats oh me, oh my!

Fats are so underrated in the average American diet.  In fact, most people fear them.  Healthy fats are essential, especially for brain development.  You want to make sure you are consuming the right fats and plenty of them.  During the last trimester of pregnancy your baby’s brain grows an estimated 200%. High quality fats help the body stay insulated against daily stress and that of colder weather. Fat is necessary for hormone production. Cells are composed of 50% saturated fat, so eating it helps cells function and stabilize insulin response.

Smart choices for FAT:
Olive oil, fresh avocado, ghee, raw butter, raw coconut oil, raw coconut butter, dairy, eggs, and fish are great places to start. 

Oils are best unrefined and vegetable based.  Also consider seeds such as flaxseed and hempseed.  Flaxseed is excellent for women, colon health, inflammation, teeth, bones, nails and skin.  Avoid buying oils and instead buy seeds direct, as flaxseed oil can go rancid easily.  It is nice to have seeds around the house to throw into salads, etc.

Butter and ghee (much of the lactose in ghee is removed so might work for lactose intolerant people) are great choices for high quality fat.

Not eating fish poses a greater risk to your baby’s brain development than eating fish.  Therefore, do eat fish; however avoid fish high in methyl mercury.  Carnivorous fish contain the highest levels of methyl mercury.  Go for catfish, tilapia and freshwater trout, herring, sardines and smaller line caught American tuna and wild salmon.

If you don’t eat fish, take a high quality fish oil such as Blue Ice, Vital Choice or Nordic Naturals.

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