insurance and doulas just might go together. . .

i am a proud member of DONA, one of the most ubiquitous doula organizations in the world. DONA is fabulous for uniting doulas across the globe and spreading knowledge and wisdom through the doula community. i was thrilled to open up an email from DONA today concerning doulas and insurance:

DONA International is pleased to announce that a new code for doulas in the United States has been approved and defined by the National Uniform Claim Committee. This code will come into effect on October 1, 2009 for services rendered after that date. Pat Burrell, a birth doula and registered nurse from South Carolina, was successful in lobbying for the assignment of the code, which will allow doulas to be assigned provider numbers to submit claims to both Medicaid and third-party payers for their services.

"While this does not guarantee third-party reimbursement, it is an enormous step forward in our mission to ensure a doula for every woman who wants one" says Debbie Young, President of DONA International. "Individual doulas will have to apply for a provider number and comply with other requirements that have yet to be determined. Regardless, we are excited to announce Ms. Burrell's success with this initiative, which will benefit thousands of women and families for years to come. This is an exciting day in childbirth in the United States."

For further information, please contact Jessica Atkins, DONA Third Party Reimbursement Chair, at 3PRChair@DONA.org or Stefanie Antunes, Director of Public Relations, at PublicRelations@DONA.org.

this truly means we are one step closer to recognizing the value of doulas in the birthing process. and more importantly, we are one step closer to recognizing the needs of a birthing and postpartum mother. we are one step closer to acknowledging mothers in our culture, and for truly offering the support each mother deserves. birth isn't easy for many women, and being a postpartum mother whether it's for the first time or second or third, is challenging. our society will grow on many levels as we learn to not only care and honor our women, but to uplift them.

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