back and blogging. . . for the mindful mama

to all of my readers, i am back from summer travels and settling into fall with a commitment to blogging what i am learning from the trenches of the childbearing world! as i continue on my path as a childbirth mentor, a doula, a birth advocate, a yoga instructor, an artist and just plain old lover of life, i realize the older i get the less i know. birth especially is a topic that one could forever delve into. and as we grow with a mesh of technology and the budding eco friendly organic movement there is so much information to share.

a colleague of mine in the birth world recently introduced me to a wonderful website that i am beginning to fall in love with. it's called mindful mama, and that is oh so fitting. this site truly targets those women who make decisions with thought and intention. this site taps into topics ranging from nutrition and health to education and play. it's a site that is easy to navigate and offers in depth articles as well as quick ideas for the speed surfer. there are lively discussions and interviews to keep information flowing.

since i am so passionate for the prenatal period, i especially enjoyed dr jessica zucker's article. i love this article because jessica taps straight into the overwhelming nature of pregnancy and parenting. how does one sort through all of the information and make intelligent, heart felt decisions? jessica reminds the reader that through connection, being true to the heart is the way to begin. this age old advice is never worn out. as a student and instructor of yoga, i find going back to the basics of connection and heart are where i always find myself.

and so you may be wondering. . .why was i greeted with a sea turtle at the beginning of this blog? my summer culminated in two wondrous weeks in kauai, where the sea turtle seemed to guide my journey. at one point during the trip i found myself surrounded by seven swimming sea turtles. the sea turtle is a sacred animal. . .in myths all around the world we find the turtle symbolises creation itself, carrying the world upon her back. . .such a mama! to me the sea turtle also represents an authentic connection to the heart and to the self. may you journey to your heart again, and again.

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