fish and pregnancy

i had the pleasure of listening to michel odent speak yesterday about fetal life, birth and health.  if you don't know much about this outstanding o.b. with a wealth of knowledge and respect for women and children, i suggest doing some research.  he has given so much knowledge to the world of birth.  i suspect that i shall be blogging with him in mind for quite some time now.

michel spoke of a great american myth.  that myth being that it's just not safe for pregnant women to eat fish during pregnancy.  from his perspective we don't quite understand mercury poisoning in the water.  for one, as he said, mercury has been around for quite some time during humanity's life.  with that being said, yes, there are many fish that aren't safe to ingest, whether you are pregnant or not.  however, a pregnant woman's diet greatly affects the life of her fetus and the development of her baby into adulthood.  women need fish and all the fatty acids and oils.  

the safe fish to eat are the smaller ones, that size down from tuna and ones from the north seas.  for further education about what fish is safe to put in your belly, pregnant or not, check out www.vitalchoice.com.

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