consciousness developing consciousness

so you are pregnant.  and everyone (hopefully) tells you that you need to eat right.  i mean, i think for most of us logical and intelligent beings that it's pretty much a given.  to grow healthy life, you need to eat right.  

however, as i sat last sunday to hear michel odent speak to a circle of doulas, midwives, nurses and an ob (oh how we wished there had been more present) i realized just how essential diet is.  and not just diet. . .everything you go through pregnancy affects your baby's development.  

when i went through my prenatal yoga teacher training at golden bridge, gurmukh emphasized teaching pregnant mommas to be conscious of their emotions and thoughts and worries as their pregnancy progressed.  your growing baby experiences every single thing you do as a pregnant mother.  which is why in prenatal yoga we always offer breathwork and meditation.  we are consciousness developing consciousness.  

in my next blog i plan to address diet and some specific things you can do to ensure you are eating a balanced and healthy array of foods, however for now, i will leave you this to meditate upon. . .

as a parent how can you raise your own consciousness to elevate the consciousness on the planet?  how can you shift fears and worries into trust and faith?  and how can you transform your anger and frustration into love and compassion?

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