breathe. . .and breathe deep

we are spending billions on supplements and yet, we are still not breathing.
--saul david raye

yesterday i was in a glorious yogic experience as i heard these words come from my instructor's lips. there is so much truth in them. it seems as the planet and economy both spin with a sense of uncertainty, many are flocking towards healing lifestyles and remedies. and yet, many of us are still not breathing.

what is breath? what is conscious breath? how does if feel to breathe deep? or soft? or full? or fast?

and how does our breath match our emotional state and well-being?

breath is life. as a baby first exits the womb, she often comes out quite blue, and there is a moment of silence before that first breath occurs. and this, is the beginning of life. i remember the first birth i attended, looking at the blue baby boy and thinking, my goodness, i am not sure if he is alive. but everyone else in the room was calm and certain, and then life happened. breathe, cries, parents delight and the nurse and doctor finishing up their business.

the first step to healing, as many masters would say, is through conscious breath. taking long deep inhales through the nose so the belly expands, and allowing this rich oxygen to seep into every cell of the body. exhaling through the nose or mouth and allowing the belly to gently deflate.

over the next few posts, i will introduce a few of my favorite breathing techniques. the breath is not only the source of life, it is also the source of health. and as one learns to control and master the breath, we learn to master our lives.

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