simply walking

throughout pregnancy a woman's body is shifting in many ways.  as the belly expands, so do the joints, ligaments and bones.  a woman's pregnant body is making space for baby, and preparing for childbirth.

it's essential to move throughout pregnancy.  simple movements can get you through your day, allowing you to find balance despite the continuous ebb and flow of hormones and flux.

walk.  it's as simple as that.  as a pregnant woman you can walk up to five miles a day.  five miles might seem daunting at first. . .i recommend starting at one mile.  that's about a half hour walk.  

as you move, allow the arms to sway side to side.  leave your cell phone at home, and allow the mind to let go.  become totally present in the moment by bringing your awareness to your body as you move.  notice the colors you see and the sounds you hear.  allow the sun to warm your skin and revitalize your cells.

walk somewhere you feel refreshed.  if you live near a beach or a forest, walk there.  if you live in an urban area, find a nearby park to walk to. 

as we women create life in our belly's, this life responds to our every thought, feeling, touch and taste.  by becoming more and more present in each moment, we are teaching our children how to develop meditative and present minds.

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