loving lomi lomi

i spent 7 glorious hours today learning the wise techniques of lomi lomi massage, with the pregnant woman in mind.  lomi lomi massage is an ancient hawaiian form of healing that truly restores the body.

for about an hour i received this wave like massage that is so relaxing the entire nervous system is soothed and the mind enters a trance like state.  the feelings created in my body, mind and spirit were deep and centered.  the massage is administered with long flowing techniques, much like an ocean wave.  we humans store unprocessed energy in the cells of our body, which often leads to disease and disharmony.  lomi lomi's rhythmic trance is able to conjure up this waste, so that the body may process, release and heal.

for a pregnant woman this technique is phenomenal.  while deeply relaxing the body, mama and baby are able to connect on a deep level.  lomi lomi is safe for all stages of pregnancy.  lomi lomi may also be given while a woman is in her birthing process.  this can be especially helpful during the early stages of labor, when a mother needs to relax and conserve her energy for the more active and charged parts of releasing the baby from her body.

tomorrow is day two of this fabulous workshop.  i am thrilled to obtain more knowledge and thirsty to give and receive more touch.  

if you are interested in exploring lomi lomi and learning this relaxing technique, i recommend checking out carrie rowell's training schedule.

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