the needs of a new mother

as i am preparing for my own postpartum journey, i have been guided to aviva jill romm's natural health after birth.  this is an awesome read, filled with recipes and tools to get through postpartum and beyond in a holistic and loving way.

here is what every new mom needs and deserves:

-- a good listener whom you can talk to about anything, as many times as you need to, and confidentially

--time and space for solitude and reflextion

--someone who is willing to guard your privacy  

--to feel protected, honored and nurtured  

--reassurance that you are doing a good job  

--noncritical support and advice  

--praise and encouragement  

--time-out now and then for a bath, a shower, or a quiet moment  

--good, healthy food 

--plenty of rest  

--respect for your emotions

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