coping with colic

it is important to check with your pediatrician to ensure that your baby is healthy.  this will put your mind at ease, and assist you to cope with this time period.  for many babies who go through a colic phase it usually peaks around 6 weeks of age.  

one of the best ways to get through a colicky phase with your baby is to accept this behavior.  you will learn to establish a routine, and know that every day around the same time, your baby will cry and that eventually it will stop.  there is a beginning and there is an ending.  it is best to avoid activities or outings during this time.

in robin lim's "after the baby's birth. . .a woman's way to wellness" a mother states:

before 'colic time' i would try to get in a nap or a foot rub or a quick-paced walk.  this would give me the courage to face what was surely ahead, two hours of constant crying.  sometimes when my baby was crying it helped to let go and cry some too.  i got into the habit of taking a long relaxing bath after my baby was finally asleep.  i got through it this way.

 developing a meditation or breathing practice will also assist in getting through the tears.  one of the sweetest gifts you can give your newborn is to hold the space for her to release.

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