the functions of the orgasms

i finally received the book "the functions of the orgasms" by michel odent. i ordered it from amazon a couple of months ago, and apparently they had to special order it. this is michel odent's latest book. if you aren't familiar with michel odent and you are interested in learning about birth, i highly recommend becoming acquainted with this brilliant man.

michel odent is best known in the birthing cirquit as introducing concepts such as the 'love cocktail', 'fetus ejection reflex' and milk ejection reflex'. michel began his career as an obstetrician in the 1950's. michel discovered over the years something that ancient humans probably knew very well, that for mammals to give birth they need a dark, warm and relaxed space for a cocktail of love hormones to be emitted. a birthing mother needs space, and to ultimately be left alone.

the functions of the orgasms is a book of inquiry on the topic of birth and where we are going as a human species with birth. due to the latest and greatest technologies women can conceive a baby, give birth and feed their infant without relying on love hormones, or mother nature. this book asks us to think about the future of civilization and what will come of these children and their children.

so far i am only in the beginning, however i see this book as an essential philosophical inquiry for our times. as technology increases and makes life "easier" it is important to look beyond our near future and seek vantage into the next few generations that will follow, and how their world will be impacted.

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