mastitis relief naturally

mastitis is a common infection a breast feeding mother faces.  quite often a mother gets this infection as a sign that she needs to slow down.  it's important for new mothers to get plenty of rest.  take advantage of your newborn's naps and take time for your own naps.

climb into bed with your baby and nurse, nurse, nurse.  remember to drink lots and lots of water as well!  nursing through the infection helps it heal quicker.  massage your breasts before feedings down towards the nipple.  allow the baby to latch on to the affected side first.  and in between feedings take time for more breast massage.  also, cool compresses help alot.  you can use plain water, or even make a compress with rosemary (dried or the essential oil), fenugreek seed oil, or dandelion.  or a hot compress with parsley or comfrey might do the trick.

to bring your body back to balance begin pumping lots of fresh, raw garlic into your system.  the body needs a natural antibiotic to help fight off the infection.  tinctures of echinacea and oregon grape root taken 3 or 4 times daily also help.  also, mega dosing on vitamin c, 3000-5000 mg/day is helpful.  if after 1-2 days the symptoms continue to increase, you might need to bite the bullet and take antibiotics.  

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