the midwifery model of care

midwife translates to "with woman".  and this simply defines what a midwife does.  many a doctor will claim that they delivered your baby, however a midwife will remind you that you delivered your baby, and she assisted.  

the midwifery model of care varies in many ways from an obstetrician.  the most important thing to note is that an ob is trained first and foremost as a surgeon.  a midwife trusts birth as a normal part of life.  through this lense, the midwife monitors the physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing year.  she provides individual counseling and education throughout this cycle.    a midwife is committed to minimizing technological interventions.

the most striking contrast is that a midwife will allow you to deliver your baby wherever you choose, in whatever position you like.  she will not tell you how to push.  and she will also meet you on your level, and that includes during vaginal exams.  

for more in depth reading, check out "the midwifery model of care".  

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