sacred space through music

birth is such a sensory and primal event.  each touch is amplified, light is brighter and sounds are heard in different nuances.  before it is time to give birth, consider your birthing space.  what elements can you bring to it to allow it to serve you as you open up for your baby?  consider all of the senses; touch, smell, sight, taste, intuition, and of course that which you hear.

i truly recommend carefully selecting a variety of music to have at hand for the sacred time of giving birth.  some women prefer a deep and profound silence at birth.   however, even if you think you will prefer silence, prepare some music, just in case.  and be open to possibility. . .you may not like the styles of music you naturally prefer.  

here are some of my favorites albums for birth's sake:
returning jennifer berezan
chakra mantras jana runnalls
anjali benjy wertheimer
anand bliss snatam kaur
mountain meadow dean evenson & scott huckabay
talking timbuktu ali farka toure
soul songs bachan kaur
the essence deva premal
koi au makana

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